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OMFG! For only $12.99

Book 1 of the Goddammit Series.

OMFG! is Book one of the Goddammit series written by G.D. Christopher. 

Really, it is more like Part One, but we couldn’t wait to share it, so while we await the completed book (all parts together in one), We will be releasing the parts into smaller books. 

In OMFG!, G.D. dives deep into the nature of the Abrahamic deity YHWH, and quickly dissects just about everything you ever heard and read about the god. This includes his origins, his feelings about humanity, and his right to rule over us. 

We have basically been taught to look at scriptures from the perspective of our own behavior. Flip it, and read scripture from the perspective of God’s behavior. The result is a being that lacks even the most minute sense of decency. Far from the righteous, loving and wise father figure we have been taught to love. YHWH, when viewed without bias, is little more than a furor level narcissist.

Is God really an omni-awesome being with a pure soul and good intentions? Not even close, and OMFG! explains why.