The realm of philosophy has changed over the centuries. When the ancient philosophers tackled the fundamental questions of existence, they needed more than an excuse to debate their purpose. They needed to search for the answers. Most of the philosophers in those eras were also scientists. It makes sense because, how could anyone find any real answers to the most important questions of existence if they do not at least attempt to gain working knowledge of how it worked?

In the ancient days, philosophy was a celebrated medium. Philosophers were some of the most educated and appreciated members of society. One could even carve out a living pursuing philosophical answers. That is not the case today. Nobody can afford to just ponder life’s most difficult questions and write about it.  Philosophy is no longer a respected pursuit, unless it is accompanied by a degree in the sciences. Laymen are virtually ignored when giving an opinion. We are assumed to have nothing to offer the realm of academia, and we are left out of the loop when it comes to having access to up-to-date information.

Heroes like Aaron Swartz attempted to remedy this by removing paywalls from academic research, but was destroyed for the effort. His legacy is a world of open access and Creative Commons, that is slowly being embraced by mainstream academia, but not enough for capitalism to allow laymen access to anything tangible. Academic scholars hold this belief that nobody outside of their inner circle can possibly understand or contribute to research. Laymen are considered the uninitiated; those whose opinions are not valid.

As part of their war against the uninitiated, scholars love to debunk, criticize and condemn all realms of thought that don’t conform to their accepted reality. Rather than try to break into their ranks and debate them, I decided to work independent of them and their intellectual bias, and produce/share my own ideas on my terms. PhiResearch was created so I can share them.

I am a freelance writer and inbound marketer by trade, but I have devoted many years to trying to understand the world around me. Like the philosophers of old, I have made the study of science a focal point in my efforts to understand my own existence, and the universe as a whole. Unlike the philosophers of old, I do not have any formal training. I am just a rational, thinking person, hoping to come to terms with my human existence in an era that is designed to enforce servitude over independent thought.

With this is in mind, I chose to create this website to help me find an outlet for my philosophical musings, and foster my need for insight; while simultaneously paying homage to the deep thinkers of old. I am no Aristotle, Bacon or Kant, but through vigilant interest and study, I will never say I am anything but a contemporary of theirs through that shared desire to “know” and not just guess about existence. My thoughts may never break new ground, but they don’t have to. Not for anyone but myself anyway. In this website, you will gain insight into my deepest thoughts on the world, as well as bear witness to the trains of thought that my research and experiences take me to.

On this website I follow my own trains of thought, which is my kung fu. I do not claim to be an expert on any given subject, and my understanding may at times be flawed, but I hope you enjoy my ideas and work, and I hope to provide you with something to think about. Please feel free to tour the site, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you for visiting!


G.D. Christopher