For Authors

For Authors

If you are interested in writing an article for PhiResearch please read the notes below first.


PhiResearch welcomes general website articles on any aspect of philosophy (including historical surveys, introductory pieces on philosophers or schools of thought, and original philosophical writing) provided they are written in a lively, readable and non-technical style. We are looking for clear and accessible philosophical analysis that ideally engages with the ongoing debate in the relevant area, or at least takes account of what has already been said in it.

If you are interested in having your work appear in the magazine, we prefer you cite your work where necessary. this will help both readers and editors. The style required by a magazine such as PhiRe is very different to that required by the scholarly journals. So if you are thinking of contributing an article to PhiRe Magazine please read a copy of the magazine (or take a look at our essays) to get an idea of the sort of thing we’re after, and do note the points below. PhiRe Magazine accepts unsolicited articles and essays, so as long as they are well written and/or properly cited, your chances of being accepted are good. All submitted articles must meet our basic requirements listed below, to have the highest chance of being published.

1. PhiRe Magazine is designed to appeal to the general educated public. The majority of our readers have had no formal training in philosophy and contributors should write with them in mind.

2. Articles for the website should be self-contained; with no need for readers to look up references in order to follow what is being said.

3. Technical Jargon: We’re against it! If the use of technical terms is unavoidable, please include a brief explanation of their meaning within your article.

4. Essays or papers written to PhiResearch or PhiRe Magazine should be properly cited in MLA format, using Times New Roman font. They should be spaced 1.5 for easier reading by our editor. If you are writing an argument, please ensure it is well thought out and defended. The same goes for thought experiments.

5. Articles for the web should be between 800 and 2000 words long, while book reviews should be of less than 1500 words. Please indicate the exact number of words and include a short (50 word) abstract (just for filing purposes, not for publication).

6. By sending us an article you give us the right to publish it in digital editions of PhiRe Magazine and also to republish it digital collections of past issues, including in translation and via syndication. Authors retain copyright in their contributions and may publish their contributions elsewhere, so long as PhiRe Magazine is acknowledged as the place of first publication.

7. Unfortunately we are not able to pay authors for articles at this time. However, all contributors whose work is published will receive a year’s free subscription to PhiRe Magazine, a byline and bio. 


Contributions should be emailed to the following address, with the text of the article in the body of the email itself or attached as a Word document: