God works in mysterious ways

The most common adage in Christian theology is that God works in mysterious ways. I say that God; being the by product of human thought, works in human ways. God’s greatest attributes are those not shared with humanity. Those attributes include:

Omnipotence: In possession of all-encompassing power. This is not a divine feature since the human imagination knows no limits, and has no bounds. It is easier to argue that the human mind is omnipotent, than to grant such powers to a deity.

Omnipresence:  Permeating in and of all things in both an objective and subjective manner. Another trait shared by the human mind, in that, a mind can focus on any given location or in all locations to such a degree as to be able to experience them with the senses, having never moved an inch.

All-knowing: Knows everything there is to know, and everything before and beyond that. This assumes that knowledge and fact are the same thing. One can “know” in many ways (i.e., through experience, forethought, premonition, experimentation). Therefore, knowledge is a subjective attribute.

Immortal: Not subject to death or decay. Words and ideas, once expressed and recalled, will remain in the realm of “living” for as long as they are recounted. Ideas are only subjected to “death” when they are forgotten, or cease to be used.

God does NOT work in mysterious ways. At best, humanity thinks in mysterious ways and attributes this behavior to his God. This attribution helps humanity cling to his concept of God when facts do not support this belief.


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