Humanism Spurs Evolution Revolution

The evolution revolution is about understanding humanity’s need to constantly evolve so that we can avoid the fate of the dinosaur. It is knowing what role intelligence plays in that, and taking the steps necessary to accomplish it. For some reason, humanity is constantly at odds with itself when intellectualism is at stake. We argue about how we should go about educating ourselves. We argue about what is classified as education, and we argue about how much knowledge is too much knowledge. As long as humanity continues to be at odds over education in general, there will some who will remain determined to pursue an independent research methodology in seeking truth over acclaim. Those people are the revolutionaries that brought us to the farthest reaches of the universe and to the brink of war.

The Evolution Revolution Begins with Humanism

Humanity’s most revered intellectuals have almost always been met with cynicism, and their theories rejected by experts in their fields because they didn’t follow the status quo in their methodology. In the past, the status quo began with Religious idealism at its forefront. Those ideals seemed to reject anything and everything that didn’t further the religious perspective. Those ideals also resulted in the persecution of individuals with revolutionary intellectual perspectives.

Due to a fear of persecution, men like Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno, and even Leonardo DaVinci were forced to conceal, and therefore pigeon-hole their truest potential in an effort to survive. Had these men felt free to explore their own potential, there is no limit to what they could have accomplished, or how much further along the evolutionary chain humanity could be by now. This is the beginning of the case being made toward humanism where the evolution revolution is concerned.

Humanism, despite current arguments against it; is not an ANTI-RELIGIOUS perspective. It is a PRO-HUMANITY concept that prefers to promote man pursuing intellectual progress and creating a paradise on earth, rather than waiting for a deity to do it. Contrary to a widely held belief, humanism takes nothing away from religion, but it does promote humanity’s strengths as a species; whereas religion promotes deities instead.

This promotion of humanity supports its intellectual pursuits and encourages revolutionary thinking. Even the most exalted human beings (Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna, Buddha etc.) were a part of an evolution revolution during their lifetimes. How? They went against the societal norms in pursuit of individual goals that would eventually alter humanity’s perspective on the world around them.

Many of these men were persecuted or ostracized in their own lifetimes for their revolutionary ideals–ideals that still thrive today. Unfortunately, man was so busy condemning these men during their lifetimes, that we missed the opportunity to push those ideals even further. Then humanity took another misstep by using those same men’s revolutionary ideas as a defense against further intellectual advancement later; which inevitably caused us to give all of our individual intellectual powers away by rejecting the same type of evolutionary paths that our heroes once took.

We became so busy worshiping their exalted ideals, that we forgot to push forward and respect our own abilities to do the same. We have told ourselves that to pursue individual thoughts and further humanity’s evolution is a form of betrayal against those men and women we hold in the highest (religious) esteem. This view is exactly what those men and women would rally against if they were alive today.

How Humanism makes the Evolution Revolution Possible

Understanding what humanism is (and is not) is a crucial aspect of knowing how important it is in today’s pursuit of knowledge. While I will not go into detail about its definition, I will explain how humanism makes the evolution revolution possible. It’s simple really; by ridding humanity of its religiously-cemented shackles, and allowing independent thought to reach its full potential, humanity will be free to let their minds wander into previously forbidden territory, and once again; evolve beyond our own expectations.

When I talk about ridding ourselves of religious shackles, I don’t mean abolishing religion, I mean not allowing religion to be an excuse to remain in the darkness that humanity has been in for centuries. Humanism allows humanity to pursue knowledge without fear of persecution for the effort. It means not using religious propaganda to inhibit how far into the unknown you can attempt to go before you are condemned for it. Pursuit of knowledge and the fostering of independent thought is the very essence of evolution (at least from an intellectual standpoint) and these new ways of thinking are often viewed as revolutionary. But without such ideals and people to conjure them, we would still be sleeping in caves and being afraid to travel beyond our own neighborhoods for fear of falling off the earth.

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